About Caydu.com, LLC

Caydu.com Store is an online retailer based in California, we're established to be a new destination for consumers to find nice, unique products with premium materials at fair prices, Currently we're shipping within the USA market, in the near future we will ship to Vietnam and other countries. We will let you know once that is ready for you. We strive to provide consumers with smarter, simpler and cozier products, so that consumers can experience relaxed and happy lifestyles. Caydu.com online store is owned and operated by CAYDU LLC, and headquartered in California USA.

Partnership: Caydu LLC is always on the search for new business partners, suppliers, vendors in Vietnam and USA. You can write to us at this address, PO Box 730361 San Jose CA 95173. You can send emails to us at: Admin@caydu.com, or call us at 510-240-0259.